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EIASM accepts applications from students from all around the world, and our student body reflects this diversity, with students from more than 50 countries. Future managers that graduate from EIASM have a variety of perspectives, expertise, socioeconomic backgrounds, and cultures and beliefs.

The admissions system is designed to spotlight high-quality individuals’ academic, professional, and personal achievements. Applications are judged not only on their accomplishments, but also on their motivation and goal orientation. The candidates’ opportunity to clearly explain their aims, hopes, and/or ambitions to the pre-admissions selection committee is through motivation letters.

We encourage all potential applicants, especially overseas applicants who require visa assistance, to submit their applications as soon as possible. Applicants who need to apply for a student visa are highly encouraged to do so as soon as feasible.

If you still have questions or need clarification after carefully examining our website and program pages, please feel free to contact us.

Admission Process

1 - Online Application

Fill out the online application form and upload your English-language CV or résumé. Our admissions representative will check your credentials within 24 hours of receiving them and ask you to pay the application processing fee of €50

2 - Application Outcome

You will receive a confirmation email notification to schedule your selection interview if your application has passed the initial screening.

3 - Admission Interview

Candidates who have successfully completed the CV review procedure will be interviewed for half an hour by a member of our Admissions Team. Interviews are conducted via the phone, Skype, or Google Hangout. To guarantee effective audio communication, all applicants are asked to use a headset and microphone. Candidates should anticipate to address their future aspirations during a successful interview.

4 - Interview results

If indeed the applicant has been accepted to European Institute of Applied Science and Management, a final outcome confirmation will be sent containing the an acceptance letter and offer of place at European Institute of Applied Science and Management for that coming intake period. Depending on the amount of applications received within that time period, this notification will be provided. Accepted applicants should get notified of their final conclusion within 2 to 5 business days.

5 - Enrollment

Candidates accepted to the European Institute of Applied Science and Management will receive details on how to enroll. Accepted candidates have two choices for paying their tuition installments to enrol:

  • Full tuition payment, allowing the candidate a chance to get an additional percentage in tuition fees if eligible for a scholarship or partial scholarship 


  • Minimum first instalment, with subsequent monthly instalments defined by the study program and formula.


Partially funded scholarships are available from the European Institute of Applied Science and Management to the very best applicants who display academic, professional, and/or motivational excellence. Because the European Institute of Applied Science and Management is a private research institute rather than a public university, we do not have access to financing that would allow us to offer full scholarships to even the most deserving individuals. While the European Institute of Applied Science and Management does not provide full scholarships, it does provide partial scholarships.