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Central European Culture & History

Summer Schools’ Details


Entry requirements

In case of special needs (such as translation to your language etc.) contact us:

Instructions for Applicants

Course Aim

During the programme participants will extensively enrich their knowledge and expertise of Central European history, traditions of modern society and culture in regional context.

Course Content

The first two days the interactive lectures will cover national diversity and secularization, the reflection of migration, Central European history and law. Students work on different projects in mini-teams to debate, examine and explore the important challenges the Central Europeans face today.Another day of this course covers the development of the country in the heart of Europe.

The features of the course are designed as a unique insight into Czech history and politics throughout several periods of time in the context of European history. The last two days of first week are meant for students with different academic backgrounds but with strong interest in Czechoslovak, and Central European political developments during and after the democratic revolutions 1989. We hope that students from different countries will be encouraged and will feel free to actively participate in debates and also enrich these debates with their experience.

The course ends second week with several thematic field trips around Prague and the Czech Republic

The course will be delivered with first-hand experience by visiting such historical places as Pražský hrad (Prague Castle), Staroměstské náměstí (Old Town Square), Old Town Hall and the 15th century Astronomical Clock, Charles Bridge and many more.

The other events and travels may be organized and are NOT covered by Course fee:

Social activities

There will be plenty of time for socializing and fun during the evening and weekends. A schedule of activities will allow you to explore everything in Prague and the surrounding areas. Events may include:


The EIASM will award two individual scholarships each will include a 50% of fee waiver of €1900

All successful scholars will be notified after the 1st of April 2019. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us: