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MBA in Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management

Tourism is one of the fastest expanding businesses today, and firms continue to need useful knowledge from academically prepared managers. EIASM’s MBA in Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management investigates theories, techniques and business models in the fields of tourism and event management.

Key Facts

MBA graduates often work in hotels, hospitality industries, tourism agencies, international and national food chains, catering, etc. MBA in Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management graduates can receive rich offers for their job in offshore projects and can handle high profile customers. 


You will need to complete the following modules spread out during the course of your study:


Final Thesis

Candidates are required to submit a capstone project on an approved topic long about 50 pages. The thesis should offer an original application of knowledge in the area of management and should demonstrate the candidate’s ability to integrate rigorous academic analysis with practical real-world relevance and application within topics covered by this course.

Possible forms

The chosen subject should be viewed in light of future career plans. Students have been offered positions as a direct result of their MBA Capstone project. The Capstone project can take many forms:

A tip for you

A very popular option amongst students is to work with an organisation on a project that will add value to its business. The output is a substantial report combining the student’s experience and MBA knowledge to provide research, analysis and recommendations. The supervisor works with students to facilitate engagement.

Business Simulations

Every program we offer includes business simulations to test and train students’ business thinking and decision-making skills. We use a fun online game that can be played once or twice a day for ten minutes. There is no problem with skipping or not playing for long periods of time (unless, for example, your company has issued bonds that require daily attention to manage repayments). The online game is built on an economic model that simulates real-world behavior, from elements like wages or prices to entire supply chains. You can play this game without enrolling in the program, just go to and start playing. Each student is then expected to write a short paper on the company’s strategy and submit company documents to show personal accomplishments.

Vocational training or a Negotiations course?

Some students prefer to have a recognized professional training in their Master’s program, as it is expected of them in the local job market. We can offer such an elective to these students. Such a course should be at least 80 hours in length and usually involves some form of specialized training with another company. It is up to the study department to decide if we will accept such a certificate of training (or other document proving such an activity) as an Approved Pass (AP, which appears on the diploma supplement or transcript instead of a typical evaluation). Students who do not need to have professional training on their transcript will take the Negotiations course.

Why us?

Online courses anytime anywhere

We are sure that managers are very busy persons and so we offer interactive MBA study where a student is in contact with the lecturer for consultations if required and at the same time can progress individually anytime using our online study materials.

Quality assurance:

Admission Criteria

  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent 
  • Two years of full-time managerial experience, showing substantial career progression (recommended/optional)
  • Prove the ability to study in English in an interview.

Tuition Fees

  • Application processing fee of €50
  • The MBA in Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management degree we offer here at EIASM has a fixed one-time fee of €4900
  • Application Progress Requirements:
  • Scanned copy of your passport/national ID
  • Resume/CV
  • Scanned copies of your academic diplomas/certificates/transcripts