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Important notice

General introduction

You live abroad and you would love to study in the Czech Republic? Before you will be able to submit an application to a university here in the Czech Republic for Bachelor study programme, it will cost you 100-400 USD depending on the country you come from and schools you have studied. if you are in the Czech Republic and can do the nostrification yourself, it may cost you about 100 USD, if you cannot come here and you studied in imperial (british) system of education, it may cost you even more than 300 EUR. The cost depends on a lot of variables of which the most expensive is the number of pages you need to get translated in order to obtain nostrification. So what is a nostrification?

In order to be even able to submit an application to a University in the Czech Republic you need nostrification of your secondary education. Every (even Czech) student that wants to submit an application to a University needs to have passed a secondary school leaving examination (Maturita in Czech language).  Foreign students that studied equivalent secondary education need to apply for nostrification of their diplomas at any town hall governing the district where the university they want to apply is located. They may ask for nostrification at other locations if they say they did not apply anywhere yet or they want to later, based on nostrification results, apply to various universities across Czech Republic. The costs at town halls if studnets have all documents about their studies ready costs 1000 CZK (about 40 EUR or 50 USD).

The problem is the complexity of nostrification process as every foreign student studied different schools, in different education systems for different number of years. Each applicant needs different documents legalized, superlegalized and translated. This makes the costs highly individual.

There are two standard education systems: the continental and imperial (british). Nostrification for students who studied in the continental system for 13 years and more is relatively easy, you need a lot of documents and whole process may take about 3-6 weeks.  Nostrifications for students who studied in the imperial system takes longer time, usually 4-8 weeks and students need to submit more documents. Students who studied less than 13 years (in most post-soviet countries it is only 11 years) have to contact us for advisorship about their options. The most frequent advice is to learn certain subjects the chosen town hall selects for you and pass relevant exams.

In order to even apply for nostrification you need to be either located in the Czech Republic or you need to write a power of attorney for us as we can help you. If you cannot come here or you prefer to be at home to be able to provide us with all required documents (which differ based on chosen town hall, past education of the student and country of origin) we may handle the nostrification for you for the minimum fee 300 USD if you are student coming from continental systems with more than 13 years spent at elementary and secondary schools.

Please contact us for indivdual quote if you studied in imperial system (commonly ex-british colonies) or studied less than 13 years. Based on our exprience, certain nationals from least developed countries may successfully undergo a nostrification process but will never receive visas (this is the case of Nigeria, so if you are from Nigeria, do not bother, Czech embassy will not give you visas no matter how smart you are, no matter what university accepted your application). Save the money for nostrification for more relevant expenditures.

Send us all possible documents scanned, we will check them and let you know of what documents need verified originals (legalization) and superlegalization. After we see those documetns, we will write you bout further steps.  Please now read about the questions we will most probably ask you:

Pakistani student questions example:

You need legalized education certificates (Degrees) by the ministry of foreign affairs in Pakistan and then super legalized by the Czech embassy in Pakistan. You supply documents proving all your studies from elementary to secondary levels.

Questions we will ask you in this situation:

How many years from elementary school did you study? Include elementary and secondary school separately, if you did study any more years on any university, write them separately (the number) and write what school that was. Also, if those elementary and secondary schools were other than most typical general knowledge schools (like religious, please state that).

Do you have or can you get list of all courses and marks from secondary school? If not, that might be a problem. Usually certificates with lists of courses and marks are sufficient.

Did you ever wrote on any legalized or superlegalized document that it is being done for “NAME OF UNIVERSITY in CERTAIN LOCATION in Prague? Or is it free of any mention of
that university? – this does only influence place where I have to do the nostrification in the Czech Republic (and the price). If it says specific university in Prague, it will take probably longer and be more expensive (tens of dollars more).

Can you send us school leaving documents/certificates with marks and list of ALL courses at secondary school with marks scanned? This will decide about number of translations needed for nostrification, every page to get translated is about 10 USD, so we need to have them in scanned form as then it is sometimes cheaper (the officer we know may speak English and will not ask for so many translations).


Total price usually usually starts around 300 USD per person but can go up significantly (up to double this sum) in cases of special schools and many other variables. When you answer our questions, we will be able to give you more precise quote.

You can do it yourself if present in the Czech republic. The costs are then only 1000 CZK + translations.

If you send us scanned documents, then it may take about 2-3 weeks to get the nostrification letter. This is the most optimistic version. The pesimistic is about 1,5-2 months. But as we said, when you give me answers, we will tell you how much and how long time it will take.

Be prepared that the nostrification process takes about 1-1,5 month and you must communicate with us on almost daily basis to avoid delays. It can be shorter time if you communicate always intraday (depending on timezone), but sometimes the superlegalization itself takes 2 weeks + waiting for DHL originals takes another 10 days. Do not expect it done in two weeks.

For our services, you may pay using paypal transfer, credit card, bank transfer or western union. If you are interested in our services, contact us using the contact form on our website and write “nostrification” in the subject field.