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Working whilst studying

Although it is possible to enter the Czech Republic as a student and work under extremely stringent and limited restrictions, we do not encourage going here and seeking work through student visas. Work permits and working visas are easier to get, and studying on these visas is also possible. Although we can give guidance, we do not provide aid and do not support students looking for work. We can provide you with information on how to acquire a work permit. But, of course, only if you plan on working while studying for at least three months.

For the majority of courses, three-month tourist visas are sufficient, thus we do not provide any assistance with work permits. It is important to note that visa status cannot be modified after arrival. You would need to return home and apply for a different sort of visa with updated documents at the Czech embassy.

Depending on your nationality and whether you are a graduate or a full-time student, the rules for employment in the Czech Republic vary:

EU/EEA or Switzerland Citizens

The Czech Republic does not require an employment permit, Employee Card, or Blue Card for citizens of EU/EEA nations, Switzerland, and their families to work there. Due to their country’s membership in the European Union, these nationals are treated legally in the same as Czech Republic citizens. Visit the Czech Republic’s Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs website to find out more information in-depth.


Non-EU/EAA Citizens

Students from third-country nations (i.e., those outside the EU/EAA or Switzerland) may only work in the Czech Republic after acquiring an employment permit.

In all other circumstances, students from non-EU/EEA nations are only permitted to work in the Czech Republic if they have both a work permit and a residency permit, or a Blue Card, an Employee Card, or both (both cards combine a work permit and a residence permit in one document). Students should submit an application for an employment permit at any Public Employment Office regional office that is close to where they will be employed. Here is a description of the application process for such a permit.