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Young Leaders -International Leadership

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Entry requirements

In case of special needs (such as translation to your language etc.) contact us:

Instructions for Applicants

Course Aim

Rather than focusing on any specific school curriculum, this course offers hands-on learning enabling all students, regardless of background, experience or ability level, to get ahead: self-expression and communication, team-building and small group facilitation skills, goal-setting and personal motivation, decision-making and personal leadership skills.



Course Content

Centered round a weekly themed project, the Young Leaders syllabus comprises theory lessons, interactive lectures, business simulations and real-life case studies that provide a stimulating and varied learning experience. The Young Leaders programme aims to:

Interactive lectures

The interactive lectures bring completeness to the programme by experienced lecturers. The interactive lectures are carefully constructed to benefit and correspond to the students’ project for the week. As university style learning, they provide content for discussion in groups as well as constant interaction between the tutor and the audience. The benefits of this can be seen when students are able to apply the knowledge learned in the lectures within their project.

Project Work

The opening of the programme is done through a project introduction session where the project is announced and students are divided into groups. Initial roles are assigned in this session and a project manager is elected.

Throughout the week, students work together to research their project before performing or presenting their projects in the final project session.

Project sessions promote learner autonomy and teamwork where students are required to manage themselves and sometimes other members of their group. Student strengths and ambitions are realised throughout the project and the project presentations are a testament to this.

Case studies

Research skills, critical thinking and problem solving are all essential for leadership and these are integrated onto the young leaders programme through case studies.

Through case study research and reporting, students are better able to work independently in groups and expand the skills and aptitudes needed to become successful young leaders.

Social activities

There will be plenty of time for socializing and fun during the evening and weekends. A schedule of activities will allow you to explore everything in Prague and the surrounding areas. Events may include:


The EIASM will award two individual scholarships each will include a 50% of fee waiver of €1900

All successful scholars will be notified after the 1st of April 2019. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us: